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 Noob AoS of Mine

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PostSubject: Noob AoS of Mine   Thu Jul 02, 2009 9:19 pm

My Noob AoS.


Name, Beastmaster
~ ~ ~
HP: 7/10
Atk Type: Hero - Range: Melee - Damage: 7/10
Armor: 3/10
MS: 5/10
Model: Beastmaster

~ ~ ~
Description: A melee self/buffer, self major dps with a lot of health but not too much defense.
Ability rundown:
1) Axe-Proficient - Passive
Increases attack damage by X(#)/Y/Z. Also, any physical damage dealt to enemies has a A/B/C% chance to cause stun (in the form of a knockdown animation).
2) Beastial Wrath - Active, Self-buff - Duration: X seconds or until next successful attack
Once used, a bear (the unit) appears almost on the hero as just art (just looks, no hitbox or anything). Hero's attack animation begins but freezes for a second; that second is the delay it takes for the buff to activate. After animation is over, his next attack gains the Cleave (X/Y/Z% Cleave) property, and also deals BONUS 40%/50/60 damage. If he recieves magical damage during this animation phase, it is stopped, and the ability doesn't go on cd. If he receives physical damage, his BONUS damage is instead 80%/95/110%.

RocKing, Great Rock
~ ~ ~
HP: 9/10
Atk Type: Hero - Range: 200/*275 - Damage: 7/10 - Speed: 2/10
Armor: 10/10
MS: 2/10
Model: Mountain Giant

~ ~ ~
Description: Huge fucking tank. Really slow, best health/armor stats about, with low attack stats. Makes up for that with around-self-field-control.
1) Wield Tree - Target Tree/Passive - Range: Attack Range
Grabs target tree; that tree isn't effected by this action. When you have tree, attack damage increased by X(#)/Y/Z. Attack speed is increased by 5/10/15%. Also, attacks have a 4/6/10% to stun a damaged target from an attack. All aspects of this ability when Tree is picked up vanish when tree is not held. Tree dies when hero dies, or after A# attacks.
2) Tremor - Type: AoE-around-self - Range: 450/550/700
Spell has two dependent effects.
WITHOUT TREE: After 1 second casting time, X#/Y/Z damage in AoE, and slows enemies' move speed by A%/B/C in AoE. Slow lasts for D(seconds)/E/F.
OR, WITH TREE: After 2.5 second casting time, X#/Y/Z damage in AoE, and stuns enemies for 1/2/3.5 seconds, and creeps for an additional .5 second. After stun, slows enemies' move speed by A%/B/C in AoE. Slow lasts for D(seconds)/E/F.
3) Rock Throw - Type: Line Damage - Range: 500/600/700
Deals X#/Y/Z +60%/70/80 of attack damage to enemies in a line, slowing them by 20% their ms for A(sec)/B/C. If target is suffering from any slow debuff, the slow instead reduces ms by 10%.


~ Cecil Wednesday Dagger

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PostSubject: Re: Noob AoS of Mine   Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:01 pm

Fallen - Umbra

Health: 6/10
Armor: 7/10
Attack: 4/10 Melee
Move: 5/10
Model: Spellbreaker

Description: A powerful support buff/debuff unit, doesn't deal a lot of damage.

Shroud of Despair
Type: Aura
Text: His very presence makes the world feel like a dark and lonely place
Range: 450/500/550
Effect: Decreases sight range by 35/70/105, and AMS by 3/6/9%.
Graphic: A dark cloud surrounds him.

Spirit Siphon
Type: Life Drain/Mana Siphon
Text: The worst sin imaginable, devouring a person's very spirit.
Casting Range: 450
Channeling Range: 500
Cooldown: 39 seconds
Duration 13 seconds
Effect: Drains 9/18/27 health and mana from the target, giving it to Umbra.

Taint of Darkness
Type: Area Debuff +Buff
Text: The darkness of Umbra's soul can taint the purest of men.
Range: 600
Area of Effect: 400
Duration: 15 seconds
Effect-Enemies: All enemies lose 12% AMS and 12% damage.
Effect-Allies: All allies gain 10% AMS, 10% damage, but take 4DPS.
Graphic: Darkened tint

Contra Felicem Vix Dues Vires Habet
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Noob AoS of Mine
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