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 Shooter: Description

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PostSubject: Shooter: Description   Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:05 pm

Shooter: Descripition
Shooter: Terrain

- TERRAIN. Very good terrain. You should feel that you're in the terrain. Terrain is not only going to be an art, but a way of camouflage, hiding, sneaking around, and ricocheting projectiles, as well as vantage points of Fog of War for shooting.

- OBSTACLES. Purchasable items that act as obstacles. There are so far two types: fortification, and reactive
~ Fortification: the "bunker" in ET. But here you can build walls and all kinds of shit where you could really use the help of grenades to blow a hole in a wall rather than to just kill someone. A player could be thinking "dent their defense, or try and go for a kill". In this sense I would also like to say that forts are more of a 'permanent' thing, in that they're not destroyed so easily, and probably can't be restored/repaired unless maybe you take a special skill (good idea rite there). So like if you connect 3 walls near eachother, those walls might get a "bonus" to armor since they fortify eachother per se.
~ Reactive: explosive barrels, trip wire (scores a knockdown), claymore, landmines, etc.
NOTE: Mines and certain shit might flash in a radius every long interval to prevent GAY STUPID stalemate camp shit or at least to lessen/discourage it.

- WEATHER. Not sure how this will be incorporated. Key point is that it's NOT obstructive (to the point where it shouldn't be), and NOT annoying.
~ Trajectory/drop or fall distance. So basically if the bullet sways or not (meaning you need to know what way the wind is blowing), and also the fall distance or drop distance (REAL term), which is used to know how the weather (snow/rain etc.) effects the range on the bullet. So this would make being a sniper even more skill-requiring.

- WEAPONS. Weapons will work on an Upgrade, Modification and Specialization system from what I roughly thought out.
~ Upgrade: the upgrades are simple, you get a handgun, it does below average damage with average cool down. An upgrade would make it 'statwise' better in that sense.
~ Modification: things that make it have abilities, like maybe a laser or a double shot before reload or reduced reload time. Also this could work on a level like "rank 1 modifications, rank 2 modif..." so like you could have simple 3 ability sets of 3-4 ranks. GREAT thing about this would be that you could have the same 'build' (a popular one let's say) and the players could still be different, as opposed to everyone taking one gun. But the difference doesn't make or brake the original use of the gun, which is probably mid-range combat (the handgun).
~ Specialization: okay this is a little more important maybe. You can specialize in everything, but just like one specialization in a match, and later on you get your final option for a WEAKER specialization. OR if it works on ranks you just get points and could split them evenly, but I like the idea of specializing in one thing, and a bit in another, or more in one. You could use all guns, and essentially this is perfect cause everyone can use everything, but have their own quircks of advantages.

- PING. Considering a ping feature in a very large map or something. This is kind of gay but I could see it being argued so maybe a vote thing would establish it at the start of said match (like say a big map where u could camp) and it wouldn't be default too. The ping basically pings players near the end of a time or after X time if time is unlimited every fair interval so somethings gonna happen.

- ABILITIES. Idk how this will work but as you level up you can take an ability I guess. =) Level up by KILLING OMG good idea (that can b molded) and it could be balanced by player level and exp given/received.
~ Ability Example: Flame Trail. Once activated, leaves a trail of flame catching those on fire that step in it dealing DoT for X seconds. They have a 70/80/90% of catching those on fire they come in contact with (enemies and allies alike). Deals 2/4 damage to structures he's standing around of the DoT damage.
~ High jump: you jump really high then come back down. This could be used to avoid bullets, also gives you a Fog of War advantage in some areas. It doesn't help against Grenades though.

- INNATE ABILITIES. Abilities everyone has from the start. Jump, reload, etc.

- Melee mechanics/CQC. Okay so I have some weird ideas but here goes. So two people come face to face and attack the same time with a knife. They each are stunned in place for a second, while a letter appears. The letter can be a variant of letters. But in this case lets say it says L, after that second of delay, each person mashes L and the person who hit L more in X seconds winds and gets the hit. Heavier the weapon the better chance they win the battle. Also, unimportantly, you could have sparks fly from the weapons as they clash.


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Shooter: Description
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