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 Shadogrin, Goblin Thief

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PostSubject: Shadogrin, Goblin Thief   Wed Jun 17, 2009 4:44 am

Shadogrin, Goblin Thief
Story: A Goblin thief, really annoying hero to play against.


HP: Low-Average
Atk Type: Hero - Range: Melee - Damage: 4.5
Armor: 2.5
MS: Average
Model: Custom


Throw Item - Type: Non-target - CD: Not too long - Range: 400
How this works: After .7 seconds a torrent of water goes around the caster and pushes back everything surrounding her by 300 and slows them by 5/10%. Stacks with other slows.
NOTE: The outer layer (of 100) pushes targets back 50% less.

Mug - Type: Instant Damage & DoT (+effect) - CD: Not too long - Range: Somewhat long
Tooltip: After 2 seconds of channeling after selecting target point, fiery spirals from a crack in the ground and damages all units near it for X/Y damage and burning them for 3/4
How this works:

Mini Tornado - Type: Instant Damage & DoT (+effect) - CD: Not too long - Range: Somewhat long
How this works: Blood elementals of "Kains'" blood are summoned from all blood droplets in an AoE of X around caster.
NOTE: Blood elemental hp is based on droplet-stack-amount.

Delayed Damage - Type: Toggle - CD: 3 seconds
How this works:

Hellish - Type: Channeling, Conditional Summon - CD: Longest of all moves - Range: AoE around caster
How this works:


~ Cecil Wednesday Dagger
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Shadogrin, Goblin Thief
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