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 Ryu Combo's & Strats

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PostSubject: Ryu Combo's & Strats   Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:06 pm

Ryu Combo's & Strats
Ryu Match-up
Ryu Videos

Get Hang Of
- Block String: Cr.Lp, Cr.Lk, Cr.Lp, Cr.Lk, Hadoken
- Link: Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp
- Combo end: ... Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp, Hk.Tatsu (Corner forcing)
- Combo: Cr.Lk, Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp, Hk.Tatsu (Daigo used vs Vega on his wakeup).
- Crossup: Ju.Lk (cross), Cr.Lk, Cr.Lp, Hp.SRK
- Overhead Combo: fSt.Mp, Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp
- Tick throws

Work On
- BThrow, Ultra

- fSt.Mp, Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp

- [CORNER] Cr.Hp, Lp.Hadoken, Cr.Hk

- [COR2 EX] ... EX.Tatsu, EX.Hado, Ultra

__[COR4 EX]__
- Cr.Mk, SRK, fFADC, EX.Hado, EX.Tatsu

- [...2 EX] ... Cr.Mp, Hado, fFADC, Cr.Hk

- [3 EX] ... EX.Tatsu, EX.Hado, EX.Tatsu/Ultra

- [4 EX] ClSt.Hp, Fireball, FDAC Foward, Cr.Hp, EX.Palm, FDash, Tatsu

Normal Combo's
Non-EX Combo's (NEX)
NEX1) Hp.Hadoken, Hk.DemonFlip,

EX Combo's (EX)
EX1) St.Fp, EX. Palm, FDash, Hk.Tatsu

Corner Combo's (CORNEX)
CORNEX1) St.Fp, EX. Palm, Mp.Hadoken, Lp.Hadoken, St.Fp (Reset)

EX Corner Combo's (COREX)
1 EX Bar
COREX1) FA Lv2+, St.Hp, EX.Palm, Hp/Mp.Gadoken, St.Hp

2 EX Bars
COREX2) St.Fp, EX.Palm, Ex.Hadoken, Ultra

3 EX Bars
COREX3) Shoryuken fFDAC, EX Tatsu

4 EX Bars

Overhead on wake up, then standing hk.

Tick Throw's
- Cr.Lp, Throw
- Cr.Lp, Cr.Lp, Throw
- Cr.Lk (or +Cr.Lp/vice-versa), Throw
?- St.Lp, (or +Cr.Lk) Throw

Super & Ultra Combo's
Non-EX Combo's

EX Combo's
EX.DemonFlip, Cr.Lp, Cr.Lp, St.Lp, St.Lk

Forward Throw

Backward Throw

When someone jumps over you like Vega and you've completed one QCF for your super/ultra do you have to do the second QCF towards his new position?

It depends on when youre crosssed up, you can do qcfx2 in one direction then delay the button press and it will flip sides automatically. The engine is leniant like that.

Block Strings (BLKST)
BLKST1) St.Lp, Cr.Lp, St.Lk, Cr.Lp

vs Akuma
- Round 1, Almost full hp, 1 EX. Level 2 focus attack (second hit of St.Hk), Solar plexus Cr.Lp, Cr.Hp, Lp.Shoryuken

1. Get serious
2. Come on
3. you can do beter than that
4. give me a reason to fight
5. disgrace to your art
6. let's get going
7. we're just getting started
8. talk is cheap
9. i walk the path of a true warrior
10. akuma stance shake thingy


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Ryu Combo's & Strats
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