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 Ryu Matchups

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PostSubject: Ryu Matchups   Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:06 pm

Ryu Combo's & Strats
Ryu Match-up
Ryu Videos

vs Abel
- Cr.Mk, Hado, EX if you want him farther away or really want chip.
- Can use to lure a jump, then SRK

- probably good vs sudden dash ins since his are fast and the rance of Lp.TT

- On reaction can: beat Wheel kicks (EX?), CoD (EX?)

- Good cross-up (but obvious?)

- [TEST] If blocked first Rekka, can counter (any) SRK. If he has 2 or more EX meter, he can FDAC back, so don't risk SRK (?) and instead C.mk to punish the back/front dash.


vs Balrog
Deal With Pressure
- St.Mk is good to stop pressure strings/after one, and it might b able to DFlip or St./Cr.Hp and then you got safe distance.

Can Counter

vs Blanka
GO Ultra > BL Ultra?
Ultra EX Blanka Balls. One guy used Hadoken to bait then he EX Ball'd and he Ultra'd.

Blanka Balls
- you can sweep blanka balls. so, lp hadoken bait the ball then sweep. you can sweep exs too

vs Bison

vs C.Viper
GO Ultra > VI Ultra

vs Dhalsim
GO Ultra > DH Ultra?: Yes

Match Start
- Low Parry: to stop the St.HP (or is it crouching)

- BJu.Hp
- EX Hadoken

Ass Charge Jump:
- Sweep
- Palm?

vs Ken

Can Counter
- Ken's Super: Low?

vs Rufus

vs Ryu
GO Ultra > RY Ultra

Can Counter
- Ultra: ?
- Super: EX?

- Keep eye on Ultra bar. "Shift gears when he has it"
- Dash under cross ups. Could follow up with bthrow, ultra
- Good Ryu's tick throw lot, KNOW WHEN TO TECH
- Know ryu's options
- AVOID DFlip when Ryu has Ultra

Close Distance
- DFlip+Parry, to anti-shoryu whiff, and at least get you on even ground if not be able to throw. He may have some sort of frame advantage though since he prolly reaches grounds faster, so you could be vulnerable to a throw. Best if done timed latest, but hard. HP.Shoryu might beat this, and/or EX.
NOTE: Use sparingly, like when you have an ultra or EX meter (like 2 at least usually).

vs Sagat





vs Zangief
Overal Notes:
- "You should pretty much never be trying to counter a jumpin from Gief either, unless it's a splash or knee crossup after a knockdown and you'll wake up before he lands. I've seen a lot of Giefs jump early after a knockdown so that the splash or knees whiff in the hopes that you'll try to wake up with something so they can block and punish. Always AA gief with MP/HP Hadou, far standing MK, c.HP, or EX Tatsu."

- Lp.Hadoken, (if he Lariats) EX? DemonFlip Hardkick timed at end of Lariat
- Mp.Hadoken spam

EX Banishing Flat
- Block and punish with sweep
- Cr.Hp <enter combo>
- Cr.Mp, Hk.Tatsu (might whiff? watch distance)

EX BFlat to SPD:
- Neutral Jump. Then combo.
NJu.Fp, Cr.Fp, EX.Palm, Dash, Hurricane

Random Notes:
- "Also as an FYI, a good Gief will pretty much never do a non-ex banishing flat unless it's after they knock you down in an attempt to gain ground. They'll also never EX it unless you've already got something sticking out since they know how bad it is on block. Once Gief has a single stock, never throw a fireball if you're closer than 1/2 screen. He can EX green hand on reaction and score a knockdown, which leads to horrible, horrible things."








~ Cecil Wednesday Dagger
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Ryu Matchups
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