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 Immortal Flame Description, Laydown & Data

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PostSubject: Immortal Flame Description, Laydown & Data   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:04 pm

PC Heroes
Roland the Truthspeaker: One of the known few who survived the reckoning. Roland was the second highest ranking general in the Bronze Axis' "Firefighters". His goal after the war was the same as before--to destroy all Orbs, or return the Gods' to their old positions.

Queen Alice Name the Divine Watcher: Newly donned queen, formerly princess--Alice Z. Burnheart is the queen ruler of the most secure human alliance there is. She takes from her mother's way of ruling, combined with advise from her closest friends to keep the kingdom in check, as absolute peace would not hold her fledgling kingdom together.

Clamp Cogwheel the Goblin War Captain: A Goblin whose intelligence has earned him his life countless times, and whom has gained respect among not only his kind, but other races for his outstanding inventions which aided in the destruction of the old Orb beholder.

Main Villian

Bane the Devourer, Fire Immortal: The second mortal to obtain the power of a God Orb, the Fire God Heliumas', Orb. He betrayed the Bronze Axis by deceiving all of it's forces to strike the first beholder of a God Orb--then weakened--whom was passing through Exile Bastion to finally bring her. He re-animated the dead ghost army with the aid of his secret cult. This such spell was in preparation well before he planned the traitorous move on the Coven, knowing full well where they and the first beholder were going to be.
On the day of attack, the power of the Bronze Axis was so great that they slew the beholder in no time, only to soon be flanked by raised forces of the Bastion. They were burned, broken, and destroyed. His name was Salorail'vaj Suntempest...but following the destruction, that name is but rumor now...for now he is Bane.


~ Cecil Wednesday Dagger
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Immortal Flame Description, Laydown & Data
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