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 Heroes Review - Lich

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PostSubject: Heroes Review - Lich   Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:15 am

Lich - Vox Leti

Strength: 12 +1
Agility: 12 +1
Intelligence 13 +2

Health: 300
Mana: 200
Armor: 5
Damage: 30
APspeed: 1.5
Speed: 290

Nunquam Moriens
Translation: Never Dying
Type: Innate Passive
Text: Vox Leti is feared far and wide not for his terrible power, but because he has died a thousand times.
Casting Delay: 1.75 seconds
Cooldown: 21.75 seconds
Effect: The Lich reincarnates with 150 health and 100 mana.

Infusco Mens Mentis
Translation: Blacken Mind
Type: Level 1 Activated Splash Debuff
Text: The eyes of Vox Leti settled upon him, and his mind shattered in everlasting darkness.
Targets: Unit, Hero
Splash Area of Effect: 350
Mana Cost: 200
Effect: Main Target takes 3/4/5/6/7 damage for each of Vox Leti's Base Intelligence. All units within AoE are demoralized, suffering a 15% AMS loss for 6/7/8/9/10 seconds.

Umbra Corpus
Translation: Shadow Corpse
Type: Level 1 Activated
Text: Vox Leti first demonstrated this technique when he massacred his way through several hundred soldiers.
Targets: Corpse
Range: 400
Casting Time: 0, but 3 second delay on activation
Mana Cost: 200
Effect: Ability switches to an 'activate' spell, and can be used to explode target corpse after 3 seconds, spawning a half power doppleganger of Vox Leti, it has a 'swap' spell that can switch places and health with the real Vox Leti if within 1000 range.
Duration: 60 seconds

Translation: Hateful
Type: Level 7 Aura
Text: Vox Leti's sheer hatred for life is so powerful that it suffuses the air around him.
Range: 350
First level effect: Enemies lose 10% A&M Speed
Second level effect: Every second, there is a 50% chance of a nearby enemy losing 50% A&M Speed for 5 seconds.

Verbum Leti
Translation: Word of Annihilation
Type: Level 9 Non-targeted Activated
Text: He spoke but a single word, and the field of battle fell silent.
Casting Requirements: Maximum mana
Casting Cost: Caster's Death
Casting Time: 3 seconds, cannot be canceled
Range: 1500
Graphic: Dark energy draws in towards him over three seconds, exploding outwards in an instant after this.
Effect: Everything within 50 range dies instantly, everything else takes damage based on a % gradient of their distance from the epicenter.
If the % of their maximum health is less than 300, they instead take 300 damage.
50 = 100%
100 = 90%
150 = 80%
200 = 70%
250 = 60%
300 = 50%
400 = 40%
500 = 30%
1000 = 20%
1500 = 10%

Contra Felicem Vix Dues Vires Habet
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Heroes Review - Lich
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