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 War Game Design Document

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PostSubject: War Game Design Document   Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:35 pm

Hero Design
Max Level is 20
Attributes: Base attributes should add up to 36, gain per level should add up to 4.
Strength - Gives +10 to health and +.1 to health regeneration
Agility - Gives a +.01 bonus to attack speed
Intelligence - Gives +10 to mana and +.1 to mana regeneration
Main Attribute - Gives +1 to damage

Health and Mana
An average base health value might be 300. I suggest that the array of difference for base values be from 50% to 200%.
Meaning that a unit or hero could start with a health value between 150 and 600.
Base mana should follow the same numbers as Health.
Armor, on the other hand, should have a minimum value of 0, and a maximum value of 10.
Average armor should be around 3, which is 23% reduction.
At 5 armor, you resist 33% of physical damage, at 10 armor, you resist 50% of incoming physical damage.
Golems will most likely have 10 armor.
My preference for damage is '15 hits to kill your enemy', and with this in mind I would set the average base damage to 30.
Counting the average 23% damage reduction, the global regeneration of 1/second, and the base attack speed of 1.5 seconds...
Two entirely average creeps would kill eachother in 15-16 hits.
Considering fastest base attack speed of 0.5 seconds, I would set minimum damage at 10. Maximum damage would work fine at 45 if assuming a below average attack speed.
Attack Speed
Base Attack speed should never go faster than 0.5 seconds or slower than 2.5 seconds.
Movement Speed
I suggest base movement speed to be 280, with initial bounds of 250 to 310.

Conclusion - Keep in mind that these are base values
Health 150 to 600
Mana 150 to 600
Armor 0 to 10
Damage 10 to 45
Attack Speed 2.5 to 0.5
Movement Speed 250 to 310
Furthermore, common sense supercedes anything found in this suggestion, just because it could technically allow you to make a hero with 600 hp, 150 mana, 10 armor, 10 damage, 2.5 Attack Speed, and 310 speed doesn't mean it's a good idea.
Invulnerability isn't worth a 4DPS main attack...

Abilities: Each hero will have an innate ability, several level 1 abilities, and other abilities until they have at-least four.
Example: One hero has an innate, 2 level 1's, a level 6, and a level 9.

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Number of posts : 34
Registration date : 2008-11-12

PostSubject: Re: War Game Design Document   Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:57 pm

There will be 5 types of creeps:

The first type of creep is a Basic Melee, this will be the most common unit and has no abilities.
Example - Footman: 300 Health, 100 Mana, 3 Armor, 20DPS, 280 speed.

The second kind of creep is Assault, which is a stronger melee creep that will have one basic ability or aura.
Example - Rock Golem: 500 Health, 150 Mana, 3 Armor, 30DPS, 280 speed. Has a 25% chance to deal +20 damage.

Third, we have the Mages, they will have various spells to help them, ranging through offense, defense, and support.
Example - Warlock; 200 Health, 400 Mana, 1 Armor, 20DPS, 280 Speed. Has 'Demonic Aura' which decreases enemy damage by 10%. Can also cast 'Breath of Fire' and 'Summon Felhound'.

Fourth, we'll have Ranged units, which will have a long range attack and Critical Strike.
Example - Rifleman; 200 Health, 150 Mana, 1 Armor, 20DPS, 280 Speed. Has a 20% x2 critical.

Last, we have the Scouts, they follow a special AI routine and are spawned relatively infrequently.
Example - Centaur; 200 Health, 150 Mana, 2 Armor, 15DPS, 310 Speed. Has a 2 second Windwalk used when under attack.

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War Game Design Document
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